What to Pack for your Walking Holiday

Knowing what to pack for your next adventure can be the bane of some people’s existence. Trying to figure out what the weather will be like and what to pack just in case, without overloading yourself, can be a bit of a guessing game. With some holidays, it’s easier to plan ahead – skiing and walking holidays can be simple; just remember to pack light and don’t take anything unnecessary. Use this list of essentials as a guide:

  • A Waterproof Jacket to keep the rain off your clothes, should the skies open
  • Lightweight Trousers – don’t pack things that will take an age to dry. Jeans should be avoided. Opt instead for chinos or camo trousers, which will also take up less space in your bag
  • Lightweight Layers – Avoid chunky knits, and similar. Choose more light layers which can easily be added and taken away
  • Walking Socks to keep your footsies warm!
  • A hat to keep the elements away from your head and ears
  • Walking Boots that are comfortable, cushioned and supportive so that whatever terrain you encounter, you won’t be blistered.
  • Walking Poles are useful if you’re expected to follow a more challenging route. Experienced walkers and hikers will know how invaluable they are. Most resorts offer them for hire, if you don’t want to pack any.
  • Sunscreen is particularly important, seeing as finding shade could be difficult during your walks and you need to remain protected throughout.
  • A Map – although with many walking holidays, these are provided free of charge.

Whether you choose to head to the mountains during the summer for walking holidays, or you prefer the snow-capped adventures staying in ski chalets, the mountains can hold some incredible experiences. Book your stay, today.

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