Unusual Holiday Destinations for 2012

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Many unusual destinations around the world welcome visitors on holiday. Some locations attract tourists because of their rare beauty and others are just remarkably odd. Travel to areas created by nature, man or a combination of the two. Here are some interesting places you can visit this year which you can book flights to with Direct Line Holidays.

Goreme National Park
In Cappadocia, Turkey, volcanic eruptions combined with erosion created unusual rock formations that many refer to as fairy chimneys or hoodoos. Varying in size and shape, these formations became homes to the Christians who fled here from Roman persecution in the 3rd century A.D. Carving into the side of the soft structures, the people created homes, churches and schools. The site welcomes visitors who spend hours climbing in and out of the cave dwellings where they witness examples of the ancient culture that include Byzantine art. While visiting the unique destination, guests often stay in the equally unusual nearby Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa. Built into the side of a mountain, the luxurious resort offers an extensive list of amenities plus amazing views over the otherworldly landscape.

Haucachina Oasis
This tiny village containing a mere 115 residents lies close to the city of Ica in the dessert of Peru. Accessible by bus or taxi, the unusual oasis began in the early 1900s. Wealthy Peruvians built the palm tree laden resort around a natural lake, which bears the legend of an Incan princess. The massive dunes surrounding the facility remind many of the Arabian or Sahara desserts. Most come to relax in the peaceful environment, but thrill seekers enjoy dune buggy rides and the chance to sandboard down the grainy slopes. The resort features many hotels and hostels, along with restaurants that serve a variety of world cuisines. Many use the oasis as a stopover destination before venturing to Peru’s more famous locations that include Machu Picchu or the Nazca Lines.

Plitvice Lakes National Park
Located in central Croatia, near the border of Bosnia, visitors find this unique national park. The scenic location more closely resembles a tropical paradise than a park in Southeastern Europe. The attraction lies in the series of 16 cascading lakes that follow one after the other. The lakes vary in clarity and colour, depending on the minerals and plant life found in each location. The picturesque landscape also boasts lush forests, mountains and massive cave systems.

Socotra Island
In the Indian Ocean, between the coast of Yemen and Africa, lies the archipelago known as Socotra. The largest of the islands bears the same name. Isolated for millions of years, the islands developed unique and unusual animal and plant species not known anywhere else in the world. Once only explorers and scientists visited the main island but now tourists enjoy the location’s strange features. The terrain varies from white sandy beaches and dunes of the coast to mountainous regions. Some of the unusual plant life includes the dragon trees, which resemble monstrous mushrooms topped with pine needle filled branches. The cucumber trees resemble gigantic, upside down carrots. Though many stay in the capital city of Hadiboh, guests do not have to travel far to witness majestic peaks with waterfalls and tranquil pools.

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