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Depending on the type of travel that most interests you, the UK can be an intriguing option that some people tend to overlook. Particularly in the United States, this is an easy mistake to make. Many Americans are under the impression that the UK is somewhat similar to parts of the United States, and that if they are going to travel in Europe, they may as well go somewhere more “exotic.” However, the fact is that many of the perceived similarities between the UK and the US are simply based on the fact that both countries speak the same language. In reality, the UK has much to offer as a travel destination.

Specifically, the UK is a fine destination for fans of historically significant sites. Even in London alone, there are a number of structures and locations that hold great historical significance, from the burial sites of great men and women of the past to the iconic Big Ben. Additionally, there is a great deal of fine culture to absorb in the UK, as the British have an ever-expanding arts culture, as well as a generally improving food and wine industry. In fact, this latter perk can even provide you with a nice souvenir, or even a gift, from your travels in the UK.

For example, you may not be aware that in the UK it is quite common, during the December holidays, to purchase Christmas Hampers from Marks & Spencer and similar stores. These hampers – essentially little gift baskets filled with anything from wines and beers to cakes and candies – make wonderful gifts, both because they offer enough variety to please a range of people, and because they are extremely convenient to shop for. Additionally, if you have been traveling in the UK and are headed home for the holidays, these hampers might be great gifts to consider bringing back home, as they are somewhat culturally unique, and not simply the same old sort of gift that your friends and family are used to receiving.

Whatever your particular situation may be, there are a number of different reasons to strongly consider the UK as a travel destination. From its historical sites to its ever-expanding culture and fascinating cities and countryside’s, the UK is in some regards an underrated travel location. Besides, even if you are intent on exploring the rest of Europe, a trip to the UK will put you within range of a number of other interesting countries, and you may be able to explore a range of different places and cultures on your next trip.

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