Tips on saving for your next holiday abroad

With household bills and expenses rising so much now it can sometimes be difficult finding money for the little luxuries in life such as a relaxing holiday for you and your family. One simple way that you can earn some extra money for yourself, and hopefully a nice holiday in the process, is by using a credit card with rewards.

Some of the best rewards credit card schemes offer up to 3% cash-back on every £100 spent on their cards. This could mean that simply by changing to a different credit card or exercising restraint when using one for the first time you could earn £100’s or even £1000’s every year.

There are several different types of reward credit cards available including those that offer air miles, bonus points for specific schemes and even cold hard cash.

Cash-back cards allow you to earn cash while similar sounding cards will give you a set amount of points per pound. It is then down to you to decide whether you want to redeem your points for gift vouchers or even a specific item that you have always wanted. When it comes to points schemes be sure that you do your research first to make sure you’re getting the highest amount of value for your points as while gift vouchers may be more points you could possibly redeem your points directly for the item that you wanted allowing you to get more value for your points.

Air miles cards allow you to earn air miles for every £100 spent which you can then redeem for flights. Be aware that with air miles flights you will need to pay taxes and applicable charges on top but this could be a fantastic way to work towards that free holiday!.

If you want to get the most cash or points for your money then use your credit card for all your normal spending. Whether it be eating out, food shopping or anything else by spending the money you would usually spend you can earn some cash-back and transfer the money you would have withdrawn from your current account either directly to the credit card or just to a separate account allowing you to pay the bill off in full every month to avoid paying interest charges.

There are a vast array of different cash-back cards out there offering a plethora of rewards but be sure to weigh up the best card for you and possibly even consider using two cards if one offers high rewards for a specific store that you use often but overall has a lower cash-back percentage. There should always be a cash-back credit card that allows you to earn some extra money and you could even get bonuses for referring friends to selected schemes too.

I have been using cashback cards to collect points for a while now and was able to save enough points from my rewards card to get my flights to and from Krakow from Edinburgh for free on m y last trip away!

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  1. March 27, 2013 at 12:28 pm #

    The best way to save money is by trial and error! And talking to others who have been there and done that! It would be nice to have an unlimited budget, but travelling on a budget is often a good challenge!

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