The Greek Islands: Unlocking the Region’s Vast Beauty and Entertainment

Close your eyes and imagine a place surrounded by beautiful beaches, sparkling turquoise water, friendly people and lively activities.  Although many destinations claim to tout all these elements, one place that fits this description like a glove is the islands of Greece.

Surrounded in a sea of vibrant color and secluded from the rest of the world, the tiny islands of Greece, thousands of them in fact, are sprinkled across the middle of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.  With so many gems to choose from, finding the right one to kick back, relax and enjoy a vacation can be tiresome.

Of all the islands, two that stick out and have claimed a demanding presence on the world stage are Santorini and Ios.  Their relative seclusion from the rest of the world combined with beautiful coastlines and adventurous activities makes the islands highly desirable.


With so much to see and do on the island, the most efficient and fun way to explore Santorini is by way of an All Terrain Vehicle or ATV.  Located across the island, there are several companies that rent out these four-wheeled machines and do so at a relatively low cost.  For under 30 Euro, you will be off on your way with your own personal ATV for the entire day.

Of course renting a car would get the job done as well, but imagine riding alongside the road at the highest points of the island with a warm breeze brushing across your body as you slowly gaze down at the beach and vast sea below.  As you can imagine, the views are incredible and the experience is unforgettable.  They’re also small enough to safely maneuver to the side of the road in order to take many breathtaking photos!

After a full day of exploring the island, take time to relax at one of the many stunning beaches.  Of all the beaches, probably the most famous is Red Beach.  As the name implies, the jagged cliffs that form the backdrop of the beach are a dark red which were formed by volcanic rocks thousands of years ago.

The water at the base of the beach is crystal clear and many people take advantage of this great location to snorkel.  Although the water is somewhat cooler and perhaps too cold for some, it’s a great spot to jump in and explore underwater ocean life.  However, if your plan is to take it easy and enjoy the warm sun from above, Red Beach provides a great place to lay out and take in the picture perfect scenery.  Very few other beaches in the world can provide the same degree of beauty and activity than at Red Beach.

The adventurous activities and stunning beaches have not only helped Santorini become a popular spot for tourists but it has also helped Santorini become a key unique honeymoon destination for couples across the world.


Though not as well known to the world as Santorini, Ios is the other island that is definitely worth a visit.  All across the island are equally impressive views and beauty that you experience on Santorini, however, the island offers a slightly different flavor of fun.

Known by many as the “Party Island”, Ios is an island full of great entertainment and a perfect place to kick back and let your hair down.  The island has many great bars and night clubs that stay open late into the night so that you can drink, dance and enjoy good times with great people.  A few of the bars offer a fun deal where if you order seven shots, you get a free shirt.  Deals like this summarize the personality of the island – lively, friendly and wildly entertaining!

The Greek Islands are a magical place and the islands of Santorini and Ios certainly do not disappoint.  They provide shelter from the mass crowds of people that travelers too often encounter on a typical European getaway and possess many characteristics and activities that have made the region so highly desirable.


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