Take the train to the most exciting cities in Europe

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Eurostar breaks can take you to many exciting destinations. Here we will look at some of the more popular ones.#

Probably the most popular destination of all is Paris and there is no better way of reaching the city that with Eurostar. One of the major advantages is that you do not have to make that unpleasant journey from Charles de Gaulle Airport to the centre of Paris, as Eurostar takes you right to Gare du Nord railway station which is right in the heart of the city and close to many Paris hotels. In no time you will be enjoying the most romantic city in Europe.

Lille is another great French destination and getting there from London takes just one and a half hours. Once a fairly run down industrial town, Lille has been rejuvenated and now sparkles with stylish shops, superb restaurants, and art museums. The city is very different from Paris, and it has a strong Flemish influence which is particularly apparent in the old town.

Brussels is also a popular destination and there is plenty to do and see there. The city boasts both French and Flemish influences and there is a clear yet harmonious division between the two cultures. Wining and dining and café culture is prominent in this European centre. Enjoy the chocolate and the fruit beers; visit the Grand Place and the many museums and galleries.

If you have never visited the Belgium coastline, then you are likely to be surprised by its mile after mile of sandy beaches. The Eurostar destination is Ostend. Once just a small town, this vibrant city by the sea has much to offer the visitor; promenades along the sea front, piers, tiny streets, busy markets, grand churches, the Napoleon castle and a casino are all part of the scene.

Are you interested in diamonds? Then take a Eurostar break to Antwerp, the European capital of diamonds and pick up a bargain; there is no better European city to get engaged in. It is both sophisticated and charming offering the visitor a combination of the metropolitan and coastal resort. It boasts many monuments dating from medieval and renaissance times and is also a major fashion centre.

Ghent is another favourite Eurostar destination and it is just three hours away from London. The town is renowned for its cobbled streets, stunning architecture and serene waterways. It is only recently that the wonders of Ghent have attracted the modern tourist who is looking for something different. It has an exciting history and there are many things to do and see. It is also famous for its cloth production and there are some fine examples available for purchase.

Travelling a little further afield to the Netherlands, Eurostar breaks in Rotterdam are very popular. You will need to change trains at Brussels, but the whole journey takes just four hours. The city was virtually destroyed in the Second World War and what awaits the visitor is a modern city with a thriving nightlife. If you love fun, then there is plenty to be had in this energetic city.

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