Summer Holiday Ideas

It may be early in the year, but many of us are already looking forward to the summer and our annual holiday break. Sun, sea, sand, exploring new places and cultures, it’s an exciting time.

We’re thinking about where we want to go, what we can afford, and how to get the best deal we can. There’s lots of choice and it’s a nice feeling to be planning ahead and have something fun to look forward to over the next few months.

For those of us with kids, there’s another side to the holiday that we have to think about. We need to plan how to keep our young family occupied on the journey and how to arrive at our destination feeling fresh and ready to enjoy ourselves instead of wound up and fed up of hearing ‘are we there yet’, ‘how much longer’ and all the other phrases that kids can come up with.

Most of us know to take bits and pieces with us for the journey to help keep the kids amused in the car and on the flight. It’s the overall length of the travelling day which can prove hard, especially for younger children.

Something I think many parents might find useful is the idea of booking a Heathrow hotel the night before your flight. This might seem to many like an expensive option, but if you’re planning on driving to the airport, then you’ll need to park your car while you’re away anyway, and by booking hotel and Heathrow airport parking in advance it often doesn’t cost much more to stay for the night this way than it would to park the car only. For an example of one of the parking options available at Heathrow airport please watch the video below:


The amount of hassle it saves is huge too. You get to drive to the airport hotel on one day, and for most kids the fun of staying in a hotel means this then becomes part of the holiday rather than just part of the journey. There’s also then time to go and explore the nearby area, and at Heathrow there are a number of options close by such as visiting Thorpe Park, or going to Legoland, or maybe seeing the animals at Chessington Zoo. Then you can head back to the hotel, get a good night sleep and be ready for your flight the next day which if it’s an early flight means you don’t have to haul the kids out of bed too early either.

Overall, this option can make for a very relaxed journey for the whole family, and the break between travel to the airport and the flight means parents get the chance to arrive feeling fresh, relaxed and ready to enjoy themselves. For more details, information and a quick and easy booking process visit

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