Reasons to take out European travel insurance

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It’s not nice to think of something spoiling any trip you are planning to make to Europe, but unfortunately bad things do happen (I know, ihave been robbed a few times in Europe), so buying travel insurance really is a must and here’s what you need to make sure it covers:


If you have to cancel your holiday because you fall ill, or a loved one passes on, or some other major reason, then you need to be able to claim back the money for your holiday so you’re not left out of pocket.

What if you get a mosquito bite that becomes infected, or a stomach bug that won’t go away, or even trip and injure your ankle. You need to know that you’ll be covered for medical assistance while you’re on holiday, and although an EHIC card is helpful in Europe, you still want to have medical insurance to cover you against all possibilities.

Lost Documents
Having a passport go missing or losing your tickets while you’re on holiday can be a real problem, so making sure you’re covered in case won’t just save you financially, but it will save a whole heap of worrying too.

If your holiday gets cut short because of some unforeseen reason, having insurance can make sure you’re covered for any money you’ve paid out for things you’ll miss out on.

It could be a bag on the journey there or back, or someone breaking into your hotel room – whatever the situation personal theft is not fun. Having good travel insurance will mean that you can pay to replace your belongings including things like cameras, phones and mp3 players.

Personal Liability
We all like to think we’re careful, but accidents happen and if you cause an accident where someone or something gets damaged, you could be liable. Having travel insurance that includes a liability clause can protect you in a legal claim.

Legal Expenses
That fictional accident we talked of earlier… if you need to claim compensation for it, then having legal expenses cover as part of your insurance will be a real boon.

It may not be nice to think of any of these things happening, and it can be tempting to think ‘it’ll never happen to me’, but it’s always better to be prepared and take out European travel insurance ‘just in case’ instead of wishing that you had afterwards. The peace of mind that you’ll get is really worth it.

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