Put Cruising the British Isles on Your Bucket List

When we think of cruises, most of us will conjure images of tropical destinations, sun loungers on glistening decks and stops at quaint European towns or far-flung Asian Isles. However, cruising around the British Isles can also be rewarding, and although the weather is not guaranteed, you are sure to explore parts of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland that you never knew existed!

Must-visit Destinations

If you are booking British Isles cruises, try to confirm that Edinburgh, Dublin and at least one of the Scottish Isles are included on the visit itinerary as these are highly recommended highlights both for sightseeing and landscape views. From towering hills like the Old Man of Storr on Skye, to the traditional island black houses and of course Edinburgh’s wonderful castle, you will not be short of things to see and do. Dublin is home to an Irish whisky distillery (yes whisky is also produced here), as well as the Viking World where you can discover a mediaeval heritage, including imposing warships.

The Channel Islands – Guernsey and Jersey – provide some excellent opportunities for sunbathing on inviting beaches, while Jersey’s underground hospital dates back to WWII, an intriguing insight into island life at a critical historic juncture.  Some cruises also call at French ports such as Normandy, enabling you to sample some French delights on your tour too. Why not take a day trip to Paris to soak up the romance in this wonderful city? From climbing the Eiffel Tower to sampling crepe on the Champs-Elysees, there are so many attractions and eateries to choose from.

Family Fun

Cruises around the British Isles are additionally great for families – if the children aren’t keen to take time off the ship for sightseeing, they will be more than happy to join some of the all-day kids’ activities that are organised by family-friendly cruise providers. On-board, kids’ entertainers give exhausted mums the opportunity to take time to relax in the spa for massage treatments or a range of other luxurious options.

Evening Entertainment

For many, dining on cruises is actually the best part of the process, since stylish restaurants allow you to get dressed up for dinner and enjoy traditional waiter service. A range of evening entertainment in your floating hotel will also provide enjoyable nights out, whether they are spent at theatrical, dance or musical performances, or you simply wish to sip cocktails in the bar. Impromptu buffets and snacks are often provided in the early hours of the morning for guests that are partying until all hours, and as the sun starts to rise there will be a different aspect of the beautiful British coastline to ignite the imagination.

Put cruising the British Isles on your bucket list this year, and you won’t be disappointed!

Edinburgh Castle: tkamenick via photopin cc
Jersey beach: photo credit: nosha via photopin cc

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