Popular road trips in Europe

Road trips have become a popular way to experience a variety of sights around Europe. Taking a tour of a country through visiting a range of areas is an excellent way to explore freely at your own pace as well as enabling you to find unique sights off the beaten track. Even if you don’t have your own vehicle, the expense of car hire is well worth the experience and will allow you take a memorable road trip.

A circular trip around France
Starting at Calais, this trip allows you to taste the different experiences on offer within inland and coastal France. Just 30 minutes along the E402 brings you to the quaint port of Boulogne-Sur-Mer with its aesthetically beautiful cobbled streets and squares. Another 20 minutes along the A16 is the port of Etaples where the variety of fish served at the restaurants means it is an excellent place to sample quality local food. Travelling inland along the D939 for 40 minutes takes you to Hesdin. This is a unique place to visit due to architectural influences from Spain. It is best to visit the town on a Thursday as the market has an excellent selection of local produce. After 59 minutes on the D928, you arrive in Saint Omer where there are an abundance of sightseeing opportunities due to the churches and old cathedral. Another 41 minutes along the A26 brings you back to your starting point.

The Alpine Road, Germany
This scenic road trip along the edge of the Bavarian Alps provides an exciting adventure for tourists due to the hairpin bends and mountainous roads. Starting at Lindau, it takes 41 minutes along the B308 route to reach Oberstaufen. The area’s nature walks and bike rides allow you to make the most of the natural landscape whilst the various health spas provide relaxation for after such exertion. You may wish to visit Oberammergau which is 1 hour 34 minutes away along the A7 route. The wooden carvings notorious to the area are well worth the visit as the traditional art can be found all around the streets of Oberammergau. There are many other towns to visit along the route such as Bad Tolz as the area is known for its spectacular view of the Alps alongside its historic medieval town and architecture.

The edge of Loch Ness
For a road trip closer to home, the roads surrounding the Loch Ness have always been a popular attraction. Not only does the myth of the Loch Ness Monster draw in tourists, but the road trip also boasts wonderful views such as expanses of blue of lakes and vast mountain scenery. The road trip lasts 1hour 32 minutes along the A82 which gives you the time to take in the surroundings of the Loch Ness. The starting point of Fort William has a great variety sightseeing opportunities and activities. The great presence of Ben Nevis within the area means there are many walkways and paths to get up close to Britain’s highest mountain. There are further outdoor activities within Fort William such as hiking and mountain biking which give you a great taste for the Scottish natural landscape before setting of on the Loch Ness road trip.

The number of excellent road trips around Europe enables you to explore a vast range of cultures and traditions. As you are able to stop off at any area which you desire, you get a unique experience of a country and create your own ideal holiday. Moreover travelling over vast distances on the roads means you can witness the natural beauty of an area within the space of a few hours.

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