Luxury Holiday Planning: Ideas

From first-class flights to exclusive holiday hideaways, the world really can be your oyster when on holiday. For those after a slice of luxury, finding something that caters to your needs without blowing your budget may seem difficult – unless you follow these planning ideas.

Space is all the luxury you need on a long-haul flight and being able to stretch your legs may well make the price bump worthwhile. However you decide to travel, kick off your holiday in style by opting for something comfortable and indulgent, but not overtly expensive.

Whatever your destination, most travellers would agree to being seduced by the promise of privacy and the fantasy of peace and quiet on a secluded palm-fringed shore. The Co-operative personal travel advisors can recommend luxury destinations that deliver on this desire without necessarily breaking the bank.

The Maldives makes a unique destination and includes innumerable isolated islands, just waiting to be explored and claimed as your own. Have the family holiday of a lifetime or enjoy a romantic getaway with one of the travel expert’s deals on this dream destination.

To enjoy a literally isolated island experience, turn your heads in a different direction. The Caribbean plays host to some of the most exclusive holiday island retreats in the world, some of which are secluded and others that are completely isolated. Hire a villa on a privately-owned island in the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands and the only attention you’ll be exposed to is that of the on-site staff.

Maybe seclusion doesn’t feature heavily on your holiday must-have checklist, but perhaps glamour, style and service do instead? Indulge in luxurious and opulent hotels that leave you feeling supremely pampered amid a golden age of glamour.

From the best that Europe has to offer to tinsel town top spots, such as the Chateau Marmont, hotels should make you feel human again after a lengthy journey. Look for deals to secure a fantastic deal and remember that location is key.

If extravagant is your middle name then a Canadian skiing trip with a difference could be a possible destination. Spend a week avoiding the ski lifts with the private services of a helicopter to deliver you and your pals to otherwise unreachable runs.

Alternatively, if snow-capped peaks seem a little passé and sun-drenched tropics a little tired, why not consider lunch with the Dalai Lama? For a small fee, you can enjoy a serene supper with for a holiday experience you’ll really want to write home about.

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