Lanzarote a Holiday Full of Adventure

Lanzarote’s mix of all-year-round sunshine, unspoilt beaches and lively nightlife has made it a perennial favourite with people in search of the perfect holiday getaway. With its rugged, mountainous and interior framed by the clear blue waters of the Atlantic, it is little wonder that Lanzarote has long been a favourite with discerning travellers. But it is not just the scenery that draws tourists to this Canary Island. There are lots of things on offer on the island to discover and enjoy for those who are planning a holiday in Lanzarote. A spectacular outcrop of volcanic rock, it is acknowledged as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful of the Canary Islands.

But there is much more to this stunning location than its sun-kissed beaches. Lanzarote is home to other, unforgettable cultural attractions – and anyone who takes a vacation in Lanzarote should make certain they sample them. If Lanzarote is a beach lover’s paradise then enthusiastic walkers and hikers can also be delighted at the charms the Island has to offer. The scenery is not the greenest but what lacks in colour is more than made up for in the unique layout of the landscape. You can find yourself scrambling across black lava sand one minute and the next across abrasive rocks thrown up from the centre of the earth in vicious volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. Hikes on the island can be enjoyed of varying difficulties and all year round due to the calm climate, although July, August and September should be avoided because of the excessive heat.

Another exciting adventure is the Lava Tube. Put your head lamp on and follow experts through the intriguing twists and turns of a natural lava tube. Trekking through lava fields involves trails that are carved out all through the island, making it easy to explore the vast lava fields, either on your own or with the many guided tours offered. Why not try desert off road adventures. Jeep tours are offered throughout the island to tap into the vast desert land and explore the natural hidden secrets of the inner island. For a more natural way to enjoy the landscape try a Camel Safari. With so much naturally untouched land, expansive beaches, and mild weather, a night under the stars is a perfect way to take it all in and camping is a good option.

When planning to travel to Lanzarote make sure you plan in advance to make the most out of your holiday. In particular, it has a number of natural attractions that offer a break from days by the swimming pool.

Lanzarote is one of seven major islands of the Canary Islands, which are located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 140 kilometres west of the coast of Morocco. Like all of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote was generated during periods of volcanic eruptions. It has a population of nearly 140,000 inhabitants. The capital Arrecife, is one of the seven municipalities of the island, along with Haria, San Bartolomé, Teguise, Tias and Yaiza Tinajo. Lanzarote airport is located near the capital. Within the Canary Islands it is the third largest airport, after the airports of Gran Canaria and Tenerife South airport. The road network is very well developed; all parts of the island can be reached comfortably by car. Ferries connect the island with the surrounding Canary Islands.

With so much to see and do, some families come back years after year; never tiring of what Lanzarote has to offer. For more ideas on a holiday in Lanzarote, visit

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