Labriz Silhouette in the Seychelles

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If you are looking for somewhere truly tranquil, simply stunning and breathtakingly beautiful then look no further than the Hilton Labriz Silhouette located on Silhouette Island in the Seychelles.

When you arrive at the airport you will be transferred, by boat, to your luxury hotel allowing you to take in some of the stunning coastal views that this amazing Island has to offer. You will be greeted, on arrival, with cool towels to help refresh you after your trip and ensure that you step foot on the sandy beaches in the best possible frame of mind ready to enjoy your trip of a lifetime.

With 7 Bars & Restaurants, a Fitness Centre, Tennis Courts, Pool Areas & the Silhouette Spa just waiting to be explored you can be sure of a fantastic holiday in tranquil surroundings and beautiful food. Whether you are looking for full relaxation by the pool with a cocktail or a little workout to keep you trim while indulging in the beautiful buffets on offer you will be sure to be catered for here.

While you may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere you will be sure of beautiful surroundings. There are many private beaches located just a few minutes walk away and you will be able to explore, either on your own or with your loved one, and find one of these beautiful locations for yourself. You will be able to relax for hours on end without being disturbed at all. While out exploring you may well come
across the wonderful gardens & walkways that the hotel and its surrounding areas has to offer or even stumble across the amazing Tortoise Centre that shows you some of the local marine life that this Island has to offer.

Whether you are looking for one of the more modest guest rooms with wireless internet, TV, DVD and a spacious bathroom opening on to a private balcony with an outdoor rain shower or you are looking for the full luxury then you will be sure of something here to suit your budget and your expectations. The rooms are simply amazing, whether you have a garden view or an ocean view you will be sure of mountains being located just a few seconds away from your line of vision allowing for the blissful views that you would expect with a delightful paradise such as the Seychelles.

Some of the best times to take holidays to Seychelles are from May to November as the light winds blowing from the South East make for the most pleasant weather that this wonderful place has to offer. The warmest months are from December to April, with March & April yielding temperatures in the late 20s to early 30s making for a pleasant relaxing break that will allow you to soak up the sun without being so
warm that you will be uncomfortable. Whatever time of year you visit you will be sure of a pleasant stay that is the ultimate in relaxation.

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