Ibiza Clubbing Holidays 2013: Unmissable Summer Sessions

Clubbing capital of the world? Why, it has to be San Antonio Ibiza, of course. Anyone who knows their backstreet boozer breaks from their clubbing carnage adventures will know that there is nowhere in the world that throws such epic events than Ibiza clubbing holidays.

In addition to the headlining events such as Ibiza Live and Ibiza Rocks that attract party rockers in their thousands back to the Balearics each summer, Ibiza always has a little somethin’ extra on hand to help you pass away the days, and nights.

San Anfoamio
Who doesn’t love a fabulous foam fiasco? San Anfoamio is mega. Head over to Splash Mountain with the club reps for a ridiculous foam based summer sun session.

Ibiza Live Pre-Party
Why just party when you can prep for the party by having pre-party prep drinks? Oh yeah, you know it makes sense. Join other eager beavers at the hotel bar for shots and shenanigans, then head onto the strip before hitting Ibiza Live. Booking with an expert clubbing holiday company really does have its advantages.

Ibiza Live Boat Party
Out at sea, live DJs, free bar, food, sunbathing, fun and frolics and whatnot, you’re gonna want a piece of that action right there. This is the place to be seen during the day on your Ibiza getaway, so be sure to add it onto your itinerary. Your mate with the glasses has one, FYI.

Silent Sundays
It’s popular, it’s anticipated, but it’s down right bloomin’ obligatory. Totes. Clubbing holidays just don’t fit the bill if you don’t squeeze in a Silent Sunday session. Headphones at the ready, time to do your shizzle.

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