Guide to European River Cruises

If you fancy trying a holiday that is a little unusual and perhaps will take you off the beaten track then consider a Danube River Cruise. A trip along the Danube River will allow you to see all of the wonderful centuries old architecture that is on offer from the Old World as well as visit medieval towns of Austria, Germany, Hungary, Romania and Serbia too. A Danube River cruise provides you with a vast array of beautiful locations to explore and with many cruises branching off along the Main and Rhine rivers you will never be short of sights to enjoy.

With so many destinations to explore and possibly not a lot of time on your hands you may find yourself wondering what the best locations are for you to visit. Here is a run down of some of the best locations and the top spots that they have to offer when you are there.

Amsterdam – Amsterdam is a very popular destination for the start or finish of numerous river cruises and so it is likely that any river cruise will stop here for a short time. In addition to the Red Light district which is sure to give you some memorable sights you will also find lots of beautiful architecture on offer too. There are a whole host of fascinating sights to witness surrounding the life of Anne Frank as well as numerous museums on offer too.

Bamberg – Bamberg has a beautiful medieval city centre with a delightful 11th century cathedral on offer and a vast array of stunning Roman style architecture from the 13th century too. You can enjoy some beautiful sights as well as relax with a nice glass of smoke flavoured beer that is probably unlike anything you will ever try again in your lifetime.

Cologne – Home to Germany’s largest cathedral, The Dom, and a World Heritage site too Cologne is packed full of vibrant, interesting places to visit including Ancient Roman ruins and even a chocolate museum. You can have several fun filled days here without running out of things to do and there is a whole plethora of activities on offer.

Nuremberg – Here you can learn a wide variety about the history of World War II as well as take in some of the famous related sites such as the Nazi Parade Ground of Zeppelin Field and the Palace of Justice where the famous Nuremberg trails were undertaken. There are even dedicated history tours on offer if you are looking for something special.

Passau – There is a wide array of Italian style architecture on offer here and the wonderful little streets with their narrow walkways are interesting, packed full of vibrancy and there is even a stronghold from the 13th century in the form of the fortress Veste Oberhaus. This is a wonderful location to visit with fantastic features and is sure to be a site that you won’t ever forget.

River cruises Europe offer a wealth of stunning destinations to view and enjoy. With some of the most beautiful architecture in the World on offer at locations along the Danube and close by you really have to see it to believe it. Best of all you won’t have to worry about travelling from location to location as your cruise ship will take you to numerous pre-scheduled stops.

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