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The Greek Islands: Unlocking the Region’s Vast Beauty and Entertainment

Close your eyes and imagine a place surrounded by beautiful beaches, sparkling turquoise water, friendly people and lively activities.  Although many destinations claim to tout all these elements, one place that fits this description like a glove is the islands of Greece. Surrounded in a sea of vibrant color and secluded from the rest of […]

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Coping with mobility issues when travelling

Mobility can be a problem, especially if you wish to travel. Whether you’re travelling with elderly or disabled people, there are many situations when mobility can become an issue of strong importance. To this end, here a few tips to help out with your travels. Whether it is taking the right form of transport or […]

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Mediterranean cruise shore excursions

The beauty of taking a cruise around the Mediterranean is the sheer abundance of interesting ports of call all within a day’s sail of each other. These ports all offer their own unique attractions and can be a gateway to some of the most famous sights and monuments in the world. All tours offered from […]

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