European Train Holidays

When it comes to travelling Europe offers some beautiful sights and sounds. Travelling by train is often one of the most convenient methods as it allows you to move easily between different cities and European capitals also. With many train stations being centrally located near tourist centres and hotels using the train can not only be convenient but also cheaper than flying or driving. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about finding parking in a busy city and with a Eurail Pass you will be able to embark and disembark as you please without worrying about increasing your budget or overspending. There are so many wonderful routes to travel in Europe are here is just a selection of some to get your ideas flowing and learn at the end about how to fund your next travel adventure with a Halifax personal loan.

Amsterdam to Copenhagen: Travelling from Amsterdam to Copenhagen via Hamburg is one of the most amazing trips as it allows you to few Denmark while travelling to Copenhagen. The views here are stunning and there are night trains available also if you want to spend less time gazing out of the window and more time catching up on your rest. This will allow you to arrive rested at your destination and feel fresh and ready for a day of exploring.

Paris to Venice: Travelling from the Gare de Lyon or Bercy stations you can travel on to Venice along with the hoards of other people who take this beautiful route every week. Travelling south-east to Venice via the Alps and Italian lakes is simply stunning and is a trip that you just will not forget in a hurry. If you choose to take the night route then you will find that you arrive in Venice a good one or two hours before the throngs of tourists travelling on day routes from numerous destinations allowing you to enjoy some of the peace and tranquillity that an early morning in Venice can provide you with.

Sofia to Istanbul: Taking this journey will allow you to arrive at Sirceki Station, the terminal for the Orient Express, and see for yourself just why people all over the World loved this beautiful journey and couldn’t wait to make it for themselves. Arriving in Istanbul from Sofia might feel like a complete change but it is one that is breathtakingly beautiful and which will allow you to explore the sights for yourself without breaking the bank. There are some lovely views along the way but be advised that if you take the night train option that you will need to disembark the train in Turkey at 1am to arrange your visa before being allowed to continue with your journey. This is only a minor inconvenience though and one that it is worth it once you arrive in your stunning destination.

When it comes to travelling around Europe there are lots of ways that you can save yourself money. If you find that you are struggling to save up a reasonable amount of cash for your travels then perhaps consider taking out a personal loan to fund your trip. There is a simple way tofind the best loan to suit you and you can fund your next adventure with a Halifax personal loan. Using a personal loan to fund your travels will allow you to enjoy yourself confident that you have enough money for travel costs, hotels and general sight seeing and fun and then allow you to pay the loan back at a low interest rate once you return home and back to your normal life. What’s more, there are often options to take a 3 month payment break at the start of the loan allowing you to travel without having to worry about meeting financial obligations until you return home.

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