Europe vs The Rest of The World

Choosing your holiday destination sometimes is a daunting experience. Though the world has become a global village, the experiences out there are not as few as the phrase suggests. The vastness of Europe, in itself, with its wide variety of cultures and languages already offers a tempting array of destinations. That said, the allure of the Asia, the richness of the Middle East and even the mystery of Africa all offer alternative destinations that are potentially as exciting.

So, why should you pick Europe over the rest of the world? Why, for example, should you consider the vast former Soviet Empire of Russia for your holiday destination at the expense of the rest of the world. Russia, after all, does have a modern road system, great accommodation options, as well as a rich historical experience coupled with romantic destinations. A tour of St. Petersburg on the Neva River provides a tranquil and scenic experience, perfect for the romantic and adventurous. From here you gain a beautiful view of the Summer Gardens, the Hermitage, the stoic Winter Palace, and the Admiralty. Or you can take a luxury train cruise across the country.

Indeed Europe’s charm is undeniable, whether it is enjoying a vibrant parade in Spain, going for a culinary journey in Italy, beach holiday in Malta, or going to a snow resort in France, there is so much to do. The ease of crossing borders when you have a EU Passport, coupled with cheap flights and high speed trains adds convenience to the picture.

However, the rest of the world is also a tempting destination. There is a reason why millions flock to India each year to experience its wonders. This country is a great example of Asia’s variety of offering. It provides a good place for cost effective tourism. From its religious wonders, its food, very vibrant festivals, warm people, and interesting accommodation, this country should be visited at least once in a person’s lifetime. Whether it is a boathouse experience in Kerala, a desert tour in Rajasthan, tea drinking in Darjeeling, or a tour of Bollywood in Mumbai, India will leave an impression on anyone going there. The north of the country is radically different from the south or even the eastern areas. Doing the Golden Triangle will give you a diverse and exciting itinerary for a short visit. With cheap flights available to India, as well as internally with local airlines like Spicejet and Tiger, it is an ever increasingly popular place for a holiday break.

Asia is diverse in itself, from the busy and bustling India, to mountainous Nepal, newly opened Myanmar, or the gem that is Sri Lanka, or the island nation of Maldives, there is so much to offer alternatives to Europe.

In as much as the Middle East today is associated with so many negatives, there are also great spots to tour, such as the world shopping mall of Dubai, the hidden gem that is an Oman holiday, and the cultural experience that is Jordan. Jordan in particular is a great road trip venue, particularly because of its modern road network. Here, you can take the King’s Highway, and see ancient sites from ancient kingdoms, to crusader castles, and the city of Petra, a rock cut city capital of the Nabataean ancients.

Clearly, it is hard to pick a clear cut winner from these choices, with so much to offer. The final decision: travel widely, both in Europe and the rest of the world!

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