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I don’t know whether it is because I am a European and my opinion is biased, but Europe is my favourite continent in the world. I have travelled much of it, and the contrasting cultures that range from country to country never fail to amaze and delight me.

Since my Europe obsession began, some seven years ago now, Paris has remained the city in which I love the most. My love for it has run strong since I first wondered the twisting streets of Montmartre as a child, hand in hand with my parents. And it seems the older I grow, the fonder of this city I become. After all, it is where the magical mixture of history, fashion, socialising and fun collides.

It may sound clichéd, but Disneyland Paris seems to always draw me in when I am visiting the French capital. The all round, feel good atmosphere never fails to eliminate any real-life qualms I may have, and no matter how many times I have set foot in this magical theme park, I always crave to return again soon. It’s a good job there are some pretty good deals on Disneyland Paris tickets nowadays so I can visit to my hearts content!

Fun and games aside, I also adore the culture of Paris. I like how artistic the place is, how stunning the Tuileries gardens are and how one can lose themselves in the creative influences which run through the city. Montmartre is a great place to start for anyone wishing to get their creative juices flowing; its reputation from the late 19th century still draws in people from far and wide. My favourite place to get artistic, however, is the Louvre Museum. This museum houses some of the most famous paintings and sculptures in the world, including Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. I always ensure I book my Louvre tickets in advance as tickets queues can get overbearing!

So there you have it, my two favourite places in Paris which I can never grow bored with. Ah Paris, I must return again soon!

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