Big Apple, Bigger Burger

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In New York City, the best sights are worth seeking out. Sure you should do the ‘big ticket’ items, but to really get to feel the city’s pulse you really have to go off-grid. And that goes for the food too.

But in a city that never sleeps, you need to know where to go to refuel – and you need to have your food served fast, fresh and finger-style. In other words, you need New York’s ultimate contribution to the world’s menus. You need a burger. And you need one in a New York Minute.

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There are burger joints all over town, of course. And many are aimed squarely at the time-strapped tourist (that’s you). But, unless you want a tasteless patty and soggy, lifeless fries, we’d say avoid at all costs.

Ditto the big chains. Sure you’ll get no surprises here – a Big Mac is a Big Mac after all. But did you come to New York to experience something you can taste in an out-of-town shopping park back at home? No, we didn’t think so.

So, for a genuinely memorable, meaty slice of all-American goodness, we’ll give it to you straight: these are the best burger joints in town.

As voted for by locals, they’re not the most obvious. But, make no mistake, they’re the real thing…

1) The Burger Joint at Le Meridien, 119 West 56th Street
You really have to hunt this hotel’s grill cafe down – it’s hidden behind velvet drapes in the lobby. But this is the real deal. Honest, plump and juicy burgers, served without fuss or fanfare. Orders are taken quickly, and whisked along a washing line. There are two choices – burger or cheeseburger. And they’re both well under $10. The best burger in town? Few who eat here would argue. Great for: Secret rendezvous

2) Prime Burger, 57-24 Roosevelt Avenue, between Madison and 5th Avenue.
With meat so good, the chefs will happily serve it blue (that’s raw to you and me), Prime Burger elevates the humble quarter pounder to haute cuisine proportions. The joint, though, is anything but swanky: a reassuringly old school slice of Americana, with its huge Formica counters, and a range of individual, private booths for one, this is about as fun as solo city dining gets. Ask for crispy onion rings, and save room for ice-cream! Great for: Solo travellers.

3) Paul’s, 131 Second Avenue, between St Mark’s Place and E 7th Street.
Ground mince, salt and seasonings. Nothing else. You’d think something so simple couldn’t taste so accomplished. But trust us, get it right – as they do at Paul’s – and you really don’t need to change a winning recipe. It helps, of course, that your raw ingredients are premium quality. Paul’s, of course, knows this more than anyone. Try their El Paso, with Cheddar and Jalapeno Peppers to add a zing to your step. Great for: Hearty appetites.

4) The Back Forty, 190 Avenue B at 12th Street
The Back Forty does posh – its dinners are comfortingly, reassuringly, elegant – but it’s posh with a decidedly casual twist. This restaurant started life as a humble burger joint and, you’ll be pleased to know, it’s the Grass fed burger with spicy homemade ketchup and pickle that still sets this brunch spot apart from the rest. A staple on the menu, and a warm and welcoming East Village atmosphere to boot. Great for: Cool kids.

5) Donovan’s Pub Restaurant, 57-24 Roosevelt Avenue
The best burger is not in Manhattan? Get outta town. Literally. And hot-foot it over to Queens – to the Irish tavern known around these parts as Donovan’s. Here, just over the East River, you’re definitely in locals’ territory – and you’ll be treated like one, even if you’re just hopping over for lunch. The best burgers in Queens – complete with a decent pint of the black stuff – await. Go for the char-grilled half pounder with home cooked steak fries and, quite honestly, Broadway can wait. Great for: Leisurely lunches.

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