Alison Scott from Elegant Resorts Q&A on Paris

Commercial Director Alison Scott from Elegant Resorts talks about her favourite city of Paris.

Why do you love Paris? I lived and worked in France for several years and a visit to Paris was always a treat when I was there and my Grandmother was born and brought up in the heart of the city, so it hold a special place for me. Paris is so vibrant day or night it is a wonderful place to spend some time, add that to the good wine and food and it’s a perfect short break. It is so close to home it is now often overlooked in favour of other Cities but it shouldn’t be forgotten and is so close to the UK but a world apart.

In 24 hours what must you do in Paris? Walk, walk and walk! One of the best things about Paris is that the centre is compact and it’s easy to get around on foot. You can move from district to district and take in the atmosphere. Must do’s include the Musee d’Orsay, the winding streets of Montmatre and of course the Eiffel Tower (you don’t have to go up it).

What’s the one thing you must not miss in Paris?
Go on a sunny day and eat a great French lunch outside on one of the many wide boulevards and shopping (or just window shopping!) … the shops are fabulous!

Any insider tips about Paris
Walking rather than public transport as I said before, but also ensure you stay somewhere central and not in suburbs, that way you can make the most of your time. We feature the Georges V, it is in a great position and whilst expensive is such a treat! But there are some good priced hotels that are really central and ideally situated. You don’t have to speak French to get about and be understood.

What cool souvenirs would you bring back Paris?
Still in shopping mode .. shoes! My favourite pair are from Paris, will have to go back soon to replace them.. Around November/December time they have lovely Christmas markets with really unusual things you can bring home for presents.


Commercial Director for Elegant Resorts. Alison has been at Elegant for just over a year and prior to that was Head of Product at ITC in Chester. Alison’s background has always been in travel and has stayed in the industry ever since. Working mainly in Product and Ops for luxury Tour Operators, including 7 years with Simply Travel in London.

Elegant Resorts sell a wide range of luxury bespoke holidays in Europe including Paris, Spain and Italy

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