6 Months Holiday in Europe

One of the most common travel dreams is to get away for an extended period of time. For most people, the trouble with this fantasy is that it can be beyond the average budget. If you don’t have the resources to head off on a year-long trip to Europe at the drop of a hat, then consider saving up to afford the adventure. Fixed rate bonds, for example, could tie up your savings for a while but can help bring in impressive interest rates. These saving techniques can get you started on your dream of spending a year in Europe. Along the way, simply withdraw your money through international transfers so that you always have pounds or euros wherever you are. Once you have the financial aspect out of the way, you can start dreaming of where to spend your glorious year in Europe. Here are some excellent suggestions for each month of the year.

January: London is an incredible destination for the month of January. Shoppers will want to take advantage of the great sales in department stores and sightseers will appreciate the lack of crowds in major attractions like the London Tower and the Tate Museum.

February: After the rush of London, escape to Austria for a relaxing month in the snow. Hit the slopes during the day on skis or a snowboard, and spend the evenings indulging in rustic fare and a few drinks by the roaring fireplace.

March: There is no better place to be during March and St. Patrick’s Day than Dublin, Ireland. Take part in the parades, watch the traditional dance performances and try a Guinness in the official factory and museum.

April: The ultimate place to spend spring is in the capital of the Renaissance, Florence. Relax in the Boboli Gardens on the banks of the Arno River, take in the breathtaking Santa Maria del Fiore and tour the Tuscan countryside for some of the best food on the planet.

May: Malta is a tempting destination at any time of year, but May offers a chance for you to escape the summer crowds. You can still enjoy the beautiful beaches and the great nightlife, but you can pay less for your accommodations and enjoy better service and personalized attention throughout the island.

June: The month of June in the south of France could be the most expensive of the year, but it will also be the most luxurious. Take in the palace of Monaco or rub shoulders with celebrities in St. Tropez.

July: Porto, located on the northern coast of Portugal, is an exceptional place to visit for wine lovers. Spend your time sipping port at bars along the river or explore the many museums and galleries in the city center.

August: Visiting Edinburgh during August can be a nice way to cool down after hot temperatures. See the incredible palace, but also make time to visit the many bars and live music venues in the city.

September: Ibiza is an incredible destination during the summer, and most of the best parties are held at the end of the season in September. If you love nightlife, great parties and exceptional DJs, then this is the perfect time to visit.

October: Prost! Celebrate Oktoberfest, which takes place between the end of September and the middle of October, in Munich. Enjoy great entertainment and culture, and take part in a celebration that has existed for centuries.

November: Venice in the summer can be hot and overwhelming, but in November it is perfect. Free from tourists, you will get to see the real culture and atmosphere of this city on the water.

December: Nothing says December, or the Christmas holidays, quite like a snowy getaway in Lapland. Finish off your year-long holiday by discovering the local cultures and watching reindeer in their native habitat.

You may be wondering how you finance this magical mystery tour of Europe, and the answer is simple because you’d be able to transfer all of your money through international money transfer to wherever you are. But if you didn’t want to spend all of your money in one go (which lets face it may be a bit irresponsible) you could always plan ahead and save. A way of doing this would be to set up an  international savings account like a 1 year fixed rate bonds which locks in your money for a year but does offer more advantageous interest rates.

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