5 Up-and-Coming European Destinations

Europe has distinguished itself as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It attracts millions of visitors from other places annually due to various reasons. These reasons range from commercial, recreational and economical purposes among others. When talking about Europe in tourist terms, the likes of Italy, France, Spain and Greece come to mind. Their popularity owes credence to the various attractions that dot the landscape of these countries.

Nonetheless, the attractiveness of the continent as a tourist destination is not limited to these aforementioned places. With much research, those looking to take a vacation in Europe can unearth some of the continent’s hidden gems. In recent times, these hitherto unknown destinations have started to stamp their authority as popular relaxation spots for tourists. You can read more about these destinations, and many more, at Holiday Hypermarket.

Some of the rapidly rising tourist destinations in the world include:

1. Ohrid, Macedonia

Macedonia is increasingly becoming a vantage spot for tourists. In particular, a visit to the city of Ohrid stands out as a memorable vacation. For Britons who would want to visit this place, they would have to connect a flight from Belgrade, Vienna or Amsterdam. Luckily, the costs of flights are average as is the case with accommodation, which costs £10 for every night.

The sights and sounds of Ohrid include cobbled alleyways, gleaming lakes and a sparkling nightlife. Visitors are also bound to be awed by the rich culture of the place as is reflected by its buildings and natural landmarks. The apt time to make a tour would be in the summer, just in time for the Ohrid Music Festival, which is a celebration of classic theatre and music.

2. Porto, Portugal

Britons who fancy wines should find the Portuguese city of Porto a fun place to be. For a moderately priced airfare of £23, the trip to the city aptly named the ‘Wine City’ should be an enjoyable one. It is a combination of the old and new, which is evident through its historical sites and modern buildings. The other things that make Porto a must-visit are the sandy beaches, which make for a pleasant vacation during summertime.

Porto also boasts of a vibrant nightlife that allows people to unwind after a long day touring the city. Such places include Villa Nova de Gaia and Matosinhos among others.

3. Wroclaw, Poland

£17 is all it takes to make an air trip from Britain to Wroclaw, Poland. This is quite cheap in lieu of the pleasurable moments that await tourists. It is a cultural hub besides boasting of a fantastic nightlife that suits people of different ages. For beer lovers, a trip to Rynek would be a worthy one where people congregate to drink beer.

4. Riga and Liepaja, Latvia

Riga and Liepaja are the epitome of Latvia’s fast rising status as a tourist destination. Riga, Latvia’s capital city, is home to the Riga Black Balsam liquor, which should quite satisfy the tastes of beer-loving Britons. Liepaja, on the other hand, is famous for its white beaches that provide a serene surrounding for relaxation. It would sufficiently form a great place for rock music lovers. Making it to Latvia is less financially taxing than the established tourist destinations. Flights to this European destination costs £20.

5. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Britons who have been working all year would do well to tour the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv. Nicknamed the ‘Paris of the Balkans’, the city has all the ingredients to revitalize the mind and provide unforgettable moments. These include a vibrant nightlife and numerous cultural sites. Visitors would only have to fork out £36 for the airfare.

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