Holiday in Turkey With Friends

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Turkey is a county that is located in Western Asia. It is has a population of over 73 million and its largest city is Istanbul. Each year, millions of people from around the world choose to go on Turkey holidays and to Istanbul because of the culture and many attractions the city offers. Below are some of the most popular attractions:

Hagia Sophia Museum

The Hagia Sophia Museum is located 1.7 miles from the centre of the city. The Hagia Sophia is over 1000 years old and all of its history is housed within this museum. It is by far one of the most popular attractions in Istanbul. It is estimated that over 1000 people visit the Hagia Sophia Museum everyday.

Kariye Museum
Kariya Museum is the second-most popular attraction in Istanbul. It is was once a church, but it was recently converted into a museum. It has pictures that depict the Virgin Mary and the life of Christ.

Sulelymaniye Mosque
Islam is the predominant religion in Turkey and mosques are the places that they gather together to worship. The Sulelymaniye Mosque is one of the most famous Mosques in the world. It was built by Sinan, who was one of the greatest rulers of the Ottoman Empire. It is the third most popular attraction in Instanbul.

Istanbul Walk
The Instanbul Walk is located is an historical walking area. People also have the option of getting a private guide. Over 80 percent of the reviewers gave this attraction an excellent rating.

People who will be visiting Instanbul will also need a place to stay. Below are some of the nicest hotels in the city you can stay at if you are going on group holidays.

Crown Plaza Istanbul Old City Hotel

Crown Plaza Istanbul Old City is a five-star hotel. It has 265 guest rooms and 16 suites. All of the rooms have internet access, complementary coffee and tea as well as air conditioning. The Crown Plaza Instanbul Old City hotel also has meeting rooms and banquet facilities.

Crown Plaza Istanbul Hagia Sophia
Crown Plaza Istanbul Hagia Sophia is a five-star hotel that is located in the Old city area. It has newly-renovated rooms and does not allow pests. The superb location is what attracts many visitors to this hotel. It is conveniently located near the Blue Mosque and The Topkaki Palace.

Grand Durmaz Hotel
The Grand Durmaz Hotel is a four star hotel that is located in the Old city. Wi-fi, rooms with LCD TVs and a spa centre are just a few of the many features that this hotel offers. Additionally, guests who stay at the Durmaz Hotel for at least three nights will get a free one-way transfer to the Ataruk Airport. This hotel is also located 15 minutes from the Grand Bazaar.

Crystal Hotel
Crystal Hotel is a four-star hotel that is located within the New City district. It has spacious, newly-designed rooms and places to hold meetings. It is also conveniently located within walking distance of shopping facilities. Additionally, children who are under the age of 6 stay for free.

Review of St Ermins Hotel in London

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When looking for a hotel to stay in close to the tourists hotspots I came across St. Ermins Hotel on Caxton Street which is a four star hotel central London and decided that it was conveniently located and the price was within my budget so I booked it up! I booked my stay through the St Ermins Website and it took just a matter of minutes to secure my booking and pay for my room.

When I arrived in London it was simple enough to find the hotel as I just walked from Victoria Station and it took me about ten minutes to find the hotel which was reasonable enough and allowed me to walk a little and wake myself up from my journey a little bit before I entered the hotel.

My first impression upon arriving was one of pleasant surprise as the hotel looked even better than it did in the pictures and check-in was dealt with promptly by polite & friendly staff who were only too happy to answer my questions about the recent refurbishment that the hotel had undertaken and some of the local facilities and amenities. There was a small wait but there is a large amount of rooms in this hotel and I was not in a rush anyway.

There are some wonderful facilities at this hotel and there is a wonderful restaurant, The Caxton grill, that is home to some beautiful steaks and fish dishes just a few minutes walk from the hotel rooms. It is possible to book this restaurant online and I ended up booking for four of us to dine together and we had a wonderful evening sampling some of the revolutionary dishes that are cooked here and there were even a few special offers on a combination of dishes and drinks meaning that we managed to save ourselves some money while trying something new.

The best part about my stay at St. Ermins Hotel was definitely the hotel room itself. I booked a Superior Queen which was one of the cheapest rooms available at the time of booking and I was blown away with the quality and luxurious feel to my room. Fluffy bathrobes were waiting to greet me when I arrived in to my room and the opulent bathroom had complimentary toiletries which is something that I adore about staying in a hotel for the night. I was able to use my laptop while in my room with wireless internet and on the night when I decided that I did not want to go out for dinner I was able to order some room service and have it delivered piping hot to my room.

I must say that I loved my stay at St. Ermins Hotel. I found the staff to be polite, friendly and helpful and the hotel looks modern, fresh and clean since having its refurbishment. I was pleased with the price that I paid considering the general cost of Westminster hotels of and I was able to meet up with friends and family and take in lots of sights without spending half my day negotiating tubes and buses across London.