Cruise the Rhine River While in Europe

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Rhine River cruises are some of the most coveted cruises for tourists visiting Europe. The cruises allow tourists to explore the Rhine exclusively or to combine the tour with some of its most coveted neighbors: Germany, Netherlands, Hungary and Austria. Visitors most often set sail in Amsterdam at the northern of the Rhine and end their journey in Basel, Switzerland at the southern end of the Rhine River.

What to Expect on Your Rhine Cruise

While travelling along the Rhine, visitors will have the opportunity to view sites such as Anne Frank’s home and the Van Gogh museum. Other fine art museums are also commonly found along this stretch of the river. The homes along the canal and the small town at the end of the river tour are quaint and pleasant to behold.

Most people are most impressed by the Middle Rhine. On this stretch of the river, tourists will stand in awe of Lorelei Rock and listen to the great tales regarding the irresistible siren that was so enticing that she led sailors to their deaths with her beauty. After the Lorelei Rock, many cruises sail to Cologne where visitors have the pleasure of viewing the Gothic cathedral with twin steeples.

On some cruises, passengers may disembark and walk along the Drosselgasse in Rudesheim. The street is lined with restaurants and wine gardens. Passengers who love to shop will be pleased with the selection available in this area.

At the end of the Rhine River cruise, tourists will enjoy Switzerland’s second largest city, Basel. Tourists have the opportunity to view works of art by the greats such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali for the grand finale. Since their masterpieces are rare, this is an opportunity that is not to be missed.

Most people extend their tour of the Rhine River and stay in hotel at the tour’s end. There are day trips and two-day trips available depending on the traveller’s schedule. Often, if the trip is combined with a hotel stay, there are discounts available for the tours. The discounts, in some instances, are as much as 40 percent.

The Best Time of Year To Travel the Rhine

Summer and spring are the most common times to take cruises on the Rhine. Most companies offer cruises between late April and the end of October. The cruises are beautiful during this time of the year but may be crowded.

Specialty cruises are offered during other times of the year. For instance, tulip cruises are popular beginning in March and extend through early May. This cruise typically begins in the Netherlands. Another speciality Rhine cruise includes the Christmas Rhine River Cruise. This specialty cruise most often originates in Germany and transports passengers in late November and early December. There are only a few cruise ships that actually offer Christmas tours.

There are numerous itineraries to choose. Select the itinerary that matches your interests, your schedule and your budget. Embark upon an enchanting cruise along the Rhine.

Cycling Holidays in France: A Fresh Adventure

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It’s no wonder that the most famous bicycle challenge in the world is held in France. For the French, cycling isn’t merely a hobby. It’s a passion. There’s no better way to see and discover the amazing and stunning landscapes that surround the region than by bicycle. If you’re a couple or a family, or a small group on holiday, if you have a fondness for cycling and you’re in France, there’s no better way to take advantage of the most beautiful views in the world than through a cycling holiday.

Cycling holidays present the opportunity to discover and bask in the unspoiled regions of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. These aren’t guided tours where you have to keep up with the group. These are adventures that you plan, where you take your time exploring and discovering, where you unwind at your leisure and indulge yourself along the way.

Cycling Holidays in France

You plan a cycling holiday carefully. It’s literally a biking vacation. Create an experience where you spend your days traveling between lodging accommodations on a bike. See France’s most stunning, breath taking views during the day. Spend your nights at charming hotels, taking advantage of the best regional wine and cuisine throughout. Now, get up the following morning and get on your bike for the next adventure.

It’s a dream. You don’t carry your luggage with you. With your traveling planned in advance, your belongings always meet you at the next destination.

It could be the most serene and memorable vacation of your life…

Touring by Bike

Contact a service that provides and advises on activity holidays in France. They will work with you to plan a detailed vacation suited to your tastes. Are you interested in abbeys and vineyards? Do you want to discover the best wineries and cuisine? Have your children explore hidden valleys and villages? Do you have five days or ten to see it all?

Any and all your preferences can be tailored to fit your cycling vacation. These trips are carefully prepared, allowing you to cycle along traffic free lanes through orchards, amazing flower festooned villages, olive groves, medieval towns and castles and churches.

Using a personally developed holiday itinerary designed just for you, you’ll see why France is a bicycle paradise. The service will provide the best routes, the most interesting locales and where to find the finest meals. Get all the exercise you’d need in a single day. In the evening, get to the room at your next destination and relax in the garden, courtyard or by the swimming pool. Enjoy a wonderful gourmet dinner.

It will undoubtedly be the most relaxing and amazing vacation of your life, let alone the memories instilled in the children. Choose your region, your dates, travel by cycle at your leisure, all designed for you. You’ll even be provided with the equipment, from maps to cycles. All to make sure you see why a cycling holiday in France is the best way to travel.