5 reasons to volunteer to teach abroad

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You may have heard of the eco-tourist who leaves only footprints in the sand, but there is a new breed of tourist who looks to make much more of an impression on the places they visit.

The voluntourist is someone who travels around the world by undertaking voluntary work that benefits the communities or places that they visit. It’s a growing phenomenon, and one of the most popular projects for the voluntourist is teaching.

Here are five reasons people choose to volunteer to teach abroad.

1. It’s open to everyone, everywhere

You don’t have to be a teacher to volunteer to teach. Most voluntary organisations simply require someone who has a good standard of English and a willingness to learn on their feet. There is no need to have a TEFL or TESOL qualification to gain work and life experience as a teacher and you don’t even need to speak the local language where you are going.

It’s an option that is open to all volunteers whether they are on a gap year, at university, retired or on a career break. Organisations like Projects Abroad UK offer teaching in more than 30 destinations around the globe and provide detailed additional information on what is available in each destination.

2. Get under the skin of the country you travel to

The volunteer teacher will live with a local family, work with local teachers and children and eat where they eat. They will make friends with locals and have lasting contact with them, rather than just passing through like a tourist.

There can be no better way to really understand and appreciate a culture and a location than to volunteer to teach there. You get closer, get deeper and get real when you get involved. You get under the skin where most tourists, at best, get lost.

3. Sharpen your skills in exotic locales

You don’t need to be thinking of entering education as a career to volunteer to teach overseas but, if you are, it’s a great way to prove your dedication, hone your skills and make your CV stand out from the pile.

Teaching offers plenty of transferrable skills for others looking to combine helping others with having a break and boosting their own vocational skills. You will learn to think on your feet, develop presentation skills and gain confidence. You will also feel the warm rewarding glow of having a sea of smiling faces beaming at you when it all goes well.




4. Give and take

Many volunteer teachers are motivated by a sense of wanting to give to the community that they work with. Maybe they have been touched on a previous visit or maybe they have read of a community’s plight. However, most volunteer stories relate that they feel they actually take home much more than they could ever give.

Whether this is new skills, new friends, a sense of worth, an understanding of a culture or simply the buzz of achievement, teaching abroad lets you take home so much more than just cheap souvenirs and out-of-focus holiday snaps.

5. Teach to learn

In a similar spirit of give and take, many volunteer teachers actually do so to learn the language of the place they teach in ─ it’s not as crazy as it sounds. As a volunteer you are immersed in the local culture and there is no better way to learn a language than to be surrounded by it night and day.

Many teachers organise exchanges where they offer extra conversational English in exchange for, say, the chance to practice their Portuguese. Todo mundo é um vencedor! (Everyone’s a winner!).

A Guide to Cruise Miles

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If you like to go on cruises, then you definitely need to take advantage of Cruise Miles. Cruise Miles is a loyalty program that works in much the same way that airline miles do. Travelers get cruise miles for every cruise they book, and these cruise miles can be used to get upgrades and to pay for future cruises. Anyone that likes to take cruises definitely needs to sign up for the Cruise Miles program.

Free to Join

One of the best things about the Cruise Miles program is that it does not cost a single penny to join it. Not only that, but when you join the Cruise Miles program you get 5,000 free Cruise Miles just for joining. It is very rare to get something for absolutely free in this world. To get 5,000 free Cruise Miles without any kind of commitment or obligation is outstanding.

In addition, there are no fees of any kind whatsoever with the Cruise Miles program. It is simply a loyalty program that gives passengers rewards for their business. There are no obligations to pay for anything at all. The Cruise Miles program is completely free and it will always remain so.

How It Works

The Cruise Miles program works with every single cruise line out there. No matter what kind of cruise that travelers want to go on, they can apply the value of the cruise towards their Cruise Miles accounts. They can use multiple cruise lines as well to build up the value of their cruise lines account.

The only caveat is that cruise ship passengers must book their cruises through Reader Offers Ltd or one of their cruise ship booking partners. As long as travelers follow this one rule, they will be able to apply the total cost of any cruises they book towards their Cruise Miles accounts.

After cruise ship fans sign up for their Cruise Miles accounts, they can start booking their cruises through Reader Offers Ltd. Every £1 spent booking a cruise with Reader Offers Ltd earns travelers one Cruise Mile.

Passengers can book new cruise trips through Reader Offers Ltd and pay for the cost with their Cruise Miles accounts. Every Cruise Mile is worth 1p when booking a cruise. The Cruise Miles can be used to pay for any aspect of the cruise, including upgrades on the cruise.

Travelers are not required to use all of their Cruise Miles for one booking. They can use as many or as few of their Cruise Miles as they want when booking a cruise with Reader Offers Ltd.

The Cruise Miles membership also covers immediate family members. It can also cover a traveling companion for those who do not have any immediate family. That means that someone who books a cruise for a family of five can use all of those Cruise Miles earned for the entire family’s booking towards a future trip.

The Cruise Miles program is a wonderful resource for cruise ship fans. Anyone that takes cruises owes it to themselves to take advantage of this splendid rewards program.