Theatre deals in London have never been better.

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If you’re due to travel to the UK from anywhere else in Europe, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the low exchange rate for the Euro and GBP. In a time of economic struggle, during which prices for day to day items such as bread and milk have rocketed, UK consumers are holding on tight to their hard earned cash and are reluctant to spend on anything but essentials. These times bring a challenge for retailers also, with many established and popular names disappearing from UK high streets each week. As the competition for tourist spend hots up, so does the offering of bargains to be had. Surprisingly, some of the best value London deals and offers in the UK tourist industry at the moment are coming from London’s West End theatres.

Money spent on a trip to the theatre is always worth while. A theatre trip is enjoyable and memorable for all the family. When there are amazing shows on offer such as Chicago, The Lion King and Les Miserables at just a fraction of the usual price, it’s hard to find a reason not to indulge a little on an enjoyable and relaxing night out during your London visit.

There are over 40 theatres and many independent play houses in and around London, so subsequently there is no shortage of cheap theatre tickets available at any time. With ticket prices as low as £9 and shows lasting around 120 minutes, choosing theatre over other attractions really represents good value for money and won’t break your travel budget.

Musicals are usually the more popular choice, especially for first time theatre goers and children. With lively songs, exciting costumes and great scenery the musicals guarantee to be a light hearted spectacle compared to some of the more heavy going dramatics. It can help to choose a story line that you are familiar with too – there are many adaptations of classic films to choose from such as The Wizard of Oz, Mamma Mia and Billy Elliot.  Another way to choose a great musical is to look for actors or actresses that you are familiar with and you are bound to enjoy their performance. Visit London Theatre Guide online for honest reviews and a list of theatre locations.

Walking safaris – Something a little different.

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With safari holidays in Africa being so popular it’s not often you get to try something a little more unique, but with a little searching there are still experiences out there that are off the beaten track. So if you’re considering  one of the many Zambia holidays why not look at including a walking safari!

The South Luangwa National Park is the destination to head for if a walking safari sounds like something you would be interested in. Set up back in the 1960’s, the area is famous for its unique safari experience? and local guides with a wealth of wildlife knowledgeand experience to not only keep you safe but also to help you get the most out of your trip.

A typical walking safari experience is done in small groups of around 6 people and 2 guides; they run for around 3 hours, although it does vary depending on the safari you choose. There are a number of fantastic areas to visit, you can have a trek through one of the several hundred year old ebony forests, check out the waterholes and lagoons in the area or hike up and down one of the many rivers and tributaries.

If you fancy something a little more ‘all inclusive’ (most walking safari camps are all inclusive) there are also packages available with luxury safari lodges and camps. One of these is Sanctuary Zebra Plains, which is located on a beautiful sand bank at the confluence of the Luangwa and Chibembe Rivers. The brush that surrounds the camp is rich in wildlife, including as the name would suggest, a large population of zebra. You can also expect to see anything from elephant and buffalos to the smaller crocodile and puku antelope alongside a fantastic variety of birds and smaller species.

Equipment wise, to fully enjoy a walking safari, you need the usual safari gear including bush coloured clothing, walking shoes or hiking boots in an appropriate bush colour, a hat and sun block for sun protection, binoculars and finally,  if you want a memento, a decent camera to capture any wildlife you may come across.