My List of Travel Tweeters

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I love reading other peoples travel blogs, its great to read first hand expriences ‘real’ people have had around the world. But what is even better is getting live tweets from travelers.

I have listed my favourite travel tweeter to follow, but feel free to comment and leave any of your favourites.

Gary Arndt @everywheretrip
Christine Gilbert @almostfearless
Darren Cronian @travelrants
The Frugal Traveler @frugaltraveler
Vagabonish @vagabondish
Nomadic Matt @nomadicmatt

Top Tips For Saving Money On Your Holiday

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Today’s guest posting is written by ParkBCP who offer low cost parking across the UK

Going on holiday can end up become an expensive business, so here is our selection of top tips on how you can save money and still get a really super holiday.

Buy in advance or last minute

Either book your holiday far in advance, or go for a really last minute deal. This way you take advantage of the cheaper prices that the holiday companies offer. At the end of the summer you often find that tour operators significantly reduce their holiday prices in order to shift unsold stock so this can be the ideal time to look.

Booking Online

If you booking a holiday online make sure you book it through a cashback site. Sites like Ipoints and Quidco work in conjunction with many large tour operators and actually give you cashback on your holiday. It may not be a huge amount but it is still a saving!

Pre-book Your Airport Car Parking

Parking at the airport can end up costing a significant amount if you just turn up on the day. However if you book it in advance, you can save a considerable chunk off the ‘on the day’ price so it is certainly worth a bit of forward planning.

BCP offer significant discounts for Southampton airport parking, Gatwick parking & Inverness airport parking in addition to other UK airports so a serious saving can be made.

Check Out The Newspapers

Loads of national newspapers these days are doing holiday deals some here in the UK, some abroad, where you collect tokens and then send them off along with your money and get a special holiday deal. Many of these offer really good value for money, but be careful to check them out though because some of them aren’t always quite as good as they seem at first glance.

Fly No Frills

There are many airlines these days that offer no frills options. They do mean that you pay extra if you want anything like food on the flight, but it’s easy enough to take a packed lunch (for the return journey, most hotels will do you a packed lunch if you don’t have facilities where you are staying to make one yourself). It’s also worth checking how you pay for your flight particularly if you use Ryanair, as many methods incur extra costs – but you can bypass these costs by using a prepaid credit card so it is worth investigating.

Travel off Peak

Whether you’re travelling by train or by plane or even ferry, if you travel at peak times you’re likely to pay more than you would if you travel at less sociable hours and on less sought after days. So check what difference it will make to your cost if you travel Wednesday to Wednesday rather than Saturday to Saturday for example.

Get Sorted in Advance

Things like passports cost more to get if you have to do them in a rush, so if you’re planning on holidaying, make sure you sort things like this and cross out a good couple of months before you plan on travelling. Additionally if you holidaying in Europe make sure you have a free EHIC card which means that if anything happens you are entitled to the same level of medical treatment that a countries resident would be entitled to.

Buy your foreign currency online

The best deals to be had on currency exchange can be found online. Use a price comparison website and do your homework first as the difference between the high street exchange price and the best online price can often mean more money in your pocket.