Chasing Nature’s Light Show: Catching the Northern Lights

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EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska -- The Aurora B...

EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska — The Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, shines above Bear Lake. ( 64°42′N 148°30′W / °S °W / ; latd>90 (dm format) in latd latm longm : AFB east, Bear Lake west) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What are the Northern Lights they sound like something out of a fairy tale. The fantastic ribbons of color illuminating the sky have captivated the human race for centuries. In ancient Finland, the lights were called “Fire Foxes” after the belief a mythical fox was tossing snow into the sky with magnificent sweeps of its tail. In other parts of Scandinavia, the lights were believed to be ancestral souls. To the Algonquin Native Americans, they were the lasting impression of the love of the world’s creator.

The lights are worthy of their splendid tales. The Northern Lights, also called the aurora borealis, are one of the most astonishing sights one could ever hope to see. Catching the show can be a little tricky, but it is well worth the effort.

The Northern Lights can put on an incredible variety of effects. The whole sky may transform with an ever-shifting green or red glow, or you may see dense ribbons of color sending pillars far into the sky. The bands may be straight or swirl, spiral or twist on and on into the horizon like a river. You may see glow stick greens or icy blues, neon reds or a spectacular display of greens, blues, vivid fuchsia and purples all at once like cathedrals of light in the sky.

Aurora borealis is created by the shifts in the Earth’s magnetic fields. As the colors shift, you are literally watching the changes in this magnetic field. The best places to see the effect are along the Earth’s North Magnetic Pole. Most of Alaska, Northern Canada, Iceland, and Northernmost Scandinavia are hot spots.

Plan on packing warm clothes. The lights are most often in play between the autumn and spring equinox, and fall and winter near Earth’s northern pole are cold and snowy occasions. In addition, that far north the days are very short or even nonexistent. The most sun you may see might a little sunrise followed by a sunset and right back into total night. Be prepared to forgo the sun in exchange for your chance at seeing the lights.

On a clear night, the peak of the light show is around 10PM, but sometimes the lights appear as soon as night falls. Many travel destinations cater to those hoping to see the lights, offering cabins or rooms with clear views of the sky. Some will even offer a Northern lights forcast for whether or not the lights are likely on any given evening. Photographing the lights is a difficult task, so if you have your heart set on pictures, be sure you research what equipment you will need.

Because Northern Lights are an unpredictable phenomenon, plan to spend at least a few days at your destination. September and March, the start and finish of peak season, offer the best chances of seeing the lights.

The Northern Lights are an extraordinary and breathtaking experience. It is something everyone should witness in their lifetime, and with good planning and a little luck, anyone can see nature’s light show.

Caribbean Cruises: The Experience

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Dreaming about a great escape to a tropical paradise location where the atmosphere is happy, the breezes are warm and the land and seascapes are exquisite? Why not consider Caribbean cuises? Affordable luxury in heavenly surroundings is available on the Royal Caribbean.

In business for forty successful years proves Royal Caribbean cruises commitment to fabulous and safe cruises. Individuals, couples and entire families can enjoy the best of the islands of the West Indies as well as world-class on-board activities and entertainment.

The Destination

An archipelago stretching between South and North America bordering the western Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Islands are a destination with near perfect weather every month of the year. Of course, some caution is warranted for the occasional hurricane that blows through the area during in late August through the first of October. The mild-temperatures of the waters are filled with colorful tropical fish, sea turtles and coral reefs. One and all find a welcoming natural habitat in islands of the West Indies.

With several hundred islands for people to discover for themselves, the Caribbean Sea offers its underwater world as well as its islands with charming villages and lively resort cities. Numerous scenic islands have white sandy beaches and adventure trails through jungle forests with changing terrain from flat to mountainous where land animals and brilliantly colored birds live. The Royal Caribbean cruises stop at many diverse and exciting ports throughout the region.

The Cruise Experience

Only top-of-the-line ships are found in the Royal Caribbean’s fleet. These vessels are equipped with high-tech engines as well as comfort and convenience. The most professional and friendly team of employees are ready to serve guests during their best cruise experience.

Some people are looking for romance while others want family fun. The ships are large enough and designed to accommodate customized vacations from quiet lounges to lively teen scenes to extreme kids’ zones. The ships have multiple pools, fitness clubs, spas and sports centers as well as private balconies and suites with all the hotel amenities.

With a festive spirit encouraged on-board every day of the year, people can enjoy stress-free travel and holiday cheer anytime they desire. Exploring the islands is never easier and more fulfilling than aboard the Royal Caribbean. Even large groups of friends, families and businesses can take the cruise together with the details handled according to guests’ orders by a welcoming host staff and organizational experts. The experience is unique to each guest’s choice with many options from which to select the ideal cruise in the West Indies.

Planning the Cruise

Planning the cruise is a pleasure with the specials and good deals offered. For essential planning ahead and checking to see what items and paperwork are needed before the cruise, the process is simple. Young and old can stay on-board for days and never get bored. While tropical cruise stops provide excursions on land, the ships are so filled with fun that guests do not ever have to leave the vessel.