Archive | May, 2011

Ferry Crossings Between France And England

Fares for the cheap ferry crossing between France and England depends largely on the crossing way you choose, and time of your year you want to travel. Tickets for ferry routes to France can be up to three times more in summer than in winter. France ferry tickets can be purchased either as a medium, […]

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Why you should visit Tenerife

There are hundreds of great reasons to visit Tenerife, but I’m afraid there’s not enough room for me to list them all here! I’ve had to keep it to three main reasons – and surprisingly, none of them feature the typical 18-30’s clubbing experience heard so much about! It is true that Tenerife is a […]

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Munich Tourist Traps

By Yuli Linssen Kaminitz, guest blogger from Munich, Germany is a city filled with culture, green parks, amazing shopping experience and vibrant nightlife. When people think about Germany, they mostly associate it with another capital which is of course, Berlin. However, no matter how popular Berlin is, Munich certainly doesn’t fall flat when you […]

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