Guest Posting – Greece, The meltdown and what it means to travel

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The ongoing financial meltdown in Greece may be hitting the Greeks hard but there is still some good news for holidaymakers  – the prospect of  cheaper holidays in 2010.

Travel agents have been fielding calls from anxious clients nervous over the current Greek economic woes and how it could affect their holiday plans this year. The recent street riots in Athens and protest strikes by key workers have done nothing to ease concern. Higher petrol prices and VAT has prompted many tourists to think again about a Greek island holiday.

But holiday firms are now pointing to big benefits for those opting for a Greek island holiday this year.  They say tourists will notice little change on the sandy beaches  islands such as Crete, Rhodes and Santorini. The Greek islands are still very much open for business this summer and the Greeks are looking forward to welcoming its foreign guests in 2010, with the prospect of much-needed foreign exchange.

Travel bosses forecast more tempting offers, bigger cut-price deals and more value for money excursions in a bid to lure back visitors. An Association of British Travel Agents’ spokesman said: “Holidaymakers can expect plenty of deals as the Greeks try to lure us over there to give them much-needed revenue this summer.”

Much also depend on the value of the euro. It has already reached a four-year low against the dollar and the recent gains of the pound against the euro means holiday spending money will now go much further, increasing the attractiveness of a holiday in the Greek Islands for summer 2010.

Mike Mason of the Greek holiday travel web site Greek Island Postcards is confident the crisis will have little long-term impact. He said: “Sales were better than ever at the beginning of May but the volcanic ash cloud, Greek crisis and the UK general election all had a considerable impact. But already we have seen a turnaround and sales are back up to last year’s levels as travel firms cut prices and the pound buys more holiday euros.”

Travel and tourism account for 15.5 percent of Greece’s gross domestic product and 18.8 percent of total employment, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. Tourism bosses say the Greek islands “remain as peaceful as ever,” despite problems on the mainland and the Greek government sure hope that it is “business as usual in the islands” on the holiday island this year.


Mike Mason runs the popular Greek island holidat website Greek Island Postcards with independent reviews of many Greek island holiday resorts.

Visit Norway Competition

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