Dublin – Things to See and Do in the Springtime

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The wonderful city of Dublin is an excellent place to visit at any time of the year, but it’s probably at its most magnificent during the spring time when the flowers are in bloom. In early to mid April, you’ll be able to catch the last of the daffodils, there will be plenty of tulips to see, and the cherry trees will be in bloom. People begin to hang wonderfully flowering baskets outside their homes, and the national Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin are superb at this time of year.

Dublin also has a fantastic array of accomodation ranging from hostels to 5 star luxury, if you are going to stay for one night in a Dublin hotel or longer then pick somewhere near Temple bar which is very central.

Farmleigh house situated just to the north west of Phoenix Park is an estate of 78 acres. The Georgian house was built in the late 18th century, and was home to various members of the Guinness family. There is an incredible library which is home to over 5000 items including many highly collectible Irish books and manuscripts, a wonderful walled garden, and a gallery which supplements the already quite substantial collection of art in Farmleigh house itself.

The Big Wheel at Point Village, Docklands is a lovely way to take a look out over this city. As well as seeing the capital in all its glory, you’ll get to see the Wicklow Mountains in the background, and if you choose an evening ride, then watching the sun set over the city can be very romantic too.

A visit to Dublin wouldn’t be complete without seeing Dublin castle. It’s not really a traditional castle having no moat or drawbridge, but is more a collection of buildings built around two courtyards. The outside is free, but if you want to see the beautiful interior (which is worth doing), then you do have to pay an entry fee. If you don’t want to pay, then you could take a stroll around the Dubh Linn Gardens that are hidden behind it. The original home to the Dubh Linn (dark pool) from which Dublin gets it’s name.

Temple Bar is one of the more charming neighbourhoods in Dublin with its cobbled streets, bars, cafes and art galleries. The Irish Film Institute, the Gallery of Photography and the Project Arts Centre are all here too, and you get a real feel of Irish charm if you sup a pint of the black stuff as you watch the world go by here.

If you’re heading to Dublin in Mid March, then you’ll probably want to join in with the St Patrick’s Day parade on the 17th of March. Some of the best of Europe’s street performers can be seen here, and there’s a four-day gala of entertainment. It’s also another excuse to have a drink too.

If this has whet your appetite to visit this wonderful city then a range of airlines sell cheap flights to Dublin leaving from most UK airports.

Why an All Inclusive Holiday is Good Value

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When you’re trying to find a low cost holiday, it can be easy to think that the cheapest option will be the one that offers the least, however, sometimes this just isn’t the case, and in fact a holiday that only offers you your flights, hotel accommodation and breakfast is going to leave you having to pay for a whole host of other things from meals to snacks and drinks, transfers and entertainment, and this can prove to be the expensive option in the long run.

An alternative to this is to choose an all inclusive deal for your holiday. By doing this, you may appear to be paying more, but you’ll have all your meals, drinks, snacks, transfers and often much of your entertainment all paid for so that you’ll know from the beginning what you’ll be spending and there will be no horrible surprises.

Many all inclusive holidays have different levels of inclusivity available. Virtually all will cover your flights, transfers and accommodation, it’s regarding food, drink and entertainment that these levels occur. Some will offer just a basic inclusivity – main meals buffet style, locally produced wine, beer and soft drinks, and either no snacks, or a minimum of them between specific times. Others offer greater choice giving you more places you can eat, including a wider variety of drinks, and a greater choice of snacks and times during which you can eat them. Pick the option which will suit your lifestyle best rather than the cheapest as this will give you the best value for money.

The same applies to entertainment – the more basic inclusive deal will just give you access to the pool and hotel beach perhaps, while a more expensive option will let you use all the sporting facilities and offer a free bus service to the local amenities too, and possibly even offer an excursion or two as well.

As you probably know from past experience, paying for meals out, buying snacks and drinks in the hotel complex, and paying for using all those wonderful amenities like sauna, gym and kids activities can cost quite a lot over a week long holiday throw in the odd excursion and you can find yourself going home having spent far more than you expected to. So having all these ‘extras’ paid for already up front can help you relax better because you know you’ve already paid and there is no more to buy, and can, in the long run cost less overall than a holiday where you buy everything separately.