The Greek Islands: Unlocking the Region’s Vast Beauty and Entertainment

Close your eyes and imagine a place surrounded by beautiful beaches, sparkling turquoise water, friendly people and lively activities.  Although many destinations claim to tout all these elements, one place ...

Coping with mobility issues when travelling

Mobility can be a problem, especially if you wish to travel. Whether you’re travelling with elderly or disabled people, there are many situations when mobility can become an issue of ...

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Can I still gain qualifications while travelling the world? Secrets of a student traveller revealed

Before launching into the world of careers and full-time employment, most of us want to do two things: gain qualifications and see the world. For some people, these two desires lead them to divide their time between travelling and studying. For a smart minority, however, there’s no reason why these two goals can’t be achieved [...]

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6 Circumstances That Will Make a Eurostar Pass

One of the fastest and least expensive ways to get around Europe is through train and for those who are thinking about seeing the continent by train, getting a Eurostar pass is one of the most viable options. Needless to say, you have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether getting the pass [...]

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Feeling Homesick? Find a Little Bit of Brit in Sin City

One of the greatest joys of travelling — and major reasons that people opt to head out of town — is the chance to experience a new culture. That might mean eating things that you might not normally consider food from a street vendor in Asia or taking in a unique performance in a language [...]

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Thinking of Celebrating Christmas in France?

Are you thinking of going away somewhere this Christmas?  Is the thought of hearing Mariah Carey in the supermarket from the moment the fireworks end in early November until Boxing Day just a bit much to bear?  Do you wonder how many times you can see your mother-in-law frown at your turkey and not actually [...]

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International Travel and Finance

If you only set off on an international trip for a day or two, you might not give much thought to bills, mortgage payments and the transfer fees that add up when you convert currency. If you travel often, take extended trips or even plan to invest overseas, however, these expenses can add up fast. [...]

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Think you know London? Think again…

When most people think of London, a number of well-worn images spring to mind. The Houses of Parliament, Nelson’s Column, Buckingham Palace and even the red double-decker bus have all become iconic symbols and we wouldn’t suggest that you visit the UK’s capital without taking in at least some of these more traditional attractions. The [...]

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